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Bree Iskandar


I’m currently on the cusp of completing my PhD in pharmaceutical sciences at UNC Chapel Hill, where I research ways to improve high throughput screening tools used at the very beginning of the drug discovery process. With these tools, I scour the barren chemical plains for ‘diamonds in the rough’ that could, maybe one day, become drugs.

At my core, I’m a scientist because I love uncovering the unknown—existing on the frontline of our collective human knowledge. But there’s little use in making scientific discoveries if only a select few can understand them (this was made abundantly clear to me as an early scientist in the pharmaceutical field during the peak of COVID-19).

So, I endeavor to tell stories about science, paving clear paths through dense forests of data and jargon.  I’m currently the content editor of UNC’s graduate student science blog, The Pipettepen, and have written previously for ChemBites and the NASW Student Newsroom. This summer, I’m excited to learn the ropes of science journalism at STAT!


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UNC Chapel Hill

Fellowship Sponsor: Association of American Medical Colleges

Fellowship Host: STAT