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Brianna Barbu


Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved the written word and the power of stories to shape our perspectives. I also loved science for its focus on curiosity and making sense of the world, so I went on to earn an MS in Chemistry from the University of Michigan. My graduate research focused on designing molecules for energy storage and renewable energy. I did some outreach on campus, helping lead a summer camp for teens to learn about sustainable polymers, which piqued my interest in science communication and outreach. When I audited a class in science journalism, it felt like all of the pieces snapped into place. As a science writer, I could use the power of stories to highlight scientific issues like recycling challenges, or cool discoveries. I started getting more involved in the science communication community through NPR SciCommers and the National Association of Science Writers. After several months of freelancing, I worked as a science writing intern at Fermilab. Now, I’m thrilled to spend my summer writing for Discover! I’m so grateful to the AAAS for the opportunity and the American Chemical Society for their sponsorship. In my free time, I enjoy reading fiction, watching Netflix, dabbling in craft projects, and exploring local restaurants via takeout.


Brianna Barbu tilts her head slightly to her right and smiles at the camera in front of a background of greenery. She's wearing a lightly blue button down shirt, a necklace, and glasses. She has shoulder length hair.

University of Michigan

Fellowship Sponsor: American Chemical Society

Fellowship Host: Discover