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Carrie Schuman


As a native New Englander, I fell in love with our rugged, rocky Atlantic Coast shoreline which led me to focus in marine science. However, I've always been interested in how other aspects like policy, economics, and education and engagement can be used to craft more applied scientific solutions to natural resource issues. I recently finished a PhD at the University of Florida in Interdisciplinary Ecology studying oyster-provided ecosystem services – the benefits of oysters that can be tied to human wellbeing. I studied their filtration ability in the St. Augustine region of Florida along with the influence of where they are located on reefs and how closely they are aggregated with other oysters. I also asked oyster and fish harvesters about how they use and think about oyster reefs. I am always searching for ways to combine my other creative interests such as writing, music, photography, and crafting with science storytelling. I am thrilled to continue developing my science communication skills with AAAS and the San Luis Obispo Tribune!


Closeup of Carrie Schuman
Carrie Schuman

University of Florida

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: The San Luis Obispo Tribune