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Chiungwei Huang


I earned my Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2021. My research focused on semiconductor materials used in everyday life and advanced technology. To study the materials, I built scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy measuring tools and analysis methods. I've spent most of my career in research and engineering. Prior to coming to the US, I received my M.S. and a B.S. in chemistry and worked as a tech-product engineer in Taiwan. I realized science communication existed during my Ph.D. and got excited by the prospect of combining science and writing. As a minority scientist, first-generation immigrant and mother, I am passionate about making science accessible and inclusive. For the past year, I have led ComSciCon-Triangle, interned at North Carolina Health News, and started my blog and social media to encourage others to engage with science. I currently work as an analytical chemist at Eastman, where I collaborate with diverse scientists and manufacturing sectors. I am thrilled to join the Raleigh News & Observer this summer to learn more about how to effectively share and communicate science!


A headshot of Chiungwei Huang, a woman with short dark hair that frames her face and wearing a light-colored blazer.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill / (Current) Eastman Chemical Co.

Fellowship Sponsor: American Chemical Society

Fellowship Host: The Raleigh News & Observer