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Clare Fieseler


I am currently a PhD candidate at UNC Chapel Hill and, in Fall 2019, will start at Georgetown University as an Assistant Teaching Professor. As a kid, my first obsession was the ocean and, as an adult, my second obsession was the camera. I've spend the past decade doing visual storytelling and field research to promote a better understanding about our human impact on oceans and islands. To that end, I've spent many field seasons underwater in Florida, Panama, and Belize trying to answer questions related to the speed and extent of human-driven changes to coral reef habitats. I'm also a freelance photojournalist represented by National Geographic Image Collection. I've reported on everything from invasive island species to aquaculture. I'm also very interested in the process through which scientific knowledge is used by decision makers. Over the past three years, a small network of scholars have been publishing research on the "science of actionable knowledge" supported by the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center; I'm a proud member of this working group. It's worth mentioning here that I've long held the belief that not enough is being done to make sure young women have supportive experiences and unhindered careers in STEM. I've produced short films and public lectures on this topic. In the months following the birth to my daughter, I co-wrote a children's book for the next generation of young scientists. That book, "No Boundaries," will be published by National Geographic Kids Books in 2021.


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Clare Fieseler

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

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