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Colton Poore


I am currently finishing my MS at Iowa State University, where I am studying the physiology of native bumble bees to understand how they might respond to future climate warming. I am also involved with a project focused on undergraduates to investigate how well their coursework has prepared them to address challenges in sustainability. Science and writing have always gone hand-in-hand for me. While I was an undergraduate, I was a Student Writer for Cornell Research and an Opinion Columnist for the Cornell Daily Sun. I am excited to be working with the Las Vegas Review-Journal this summer to be covering scientific and environmental topics in the western U.S! In my free time, I like being outdoors, hiking, and taking pictures of all the little critters that we often take for granted.


Colton Poore, a young man with reddish brown hair, smiles at the camera with a blurred science lab behind him.

Iowa State University

Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation

Fellowship Host: The Las Vegas Review-Journal