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Edward Chen


Hi! I’m an immunology master’s student at Harvard studying something called graft-versus-host disease – a distressing and debilitating, yet common, side effect of bone marrow transplants. Like some, my childhood was filled with a love for the tranquility of reading and writing, thinking children’s book authors had the best job ever. Like many, this was matched with a fascination for all things science. Who wouldn’t want to work in the field, whether Antarctica or Costa Rica? Or explore the ocean, the world at large, or a miniscule unexplained phenomenon? Or, better yet, be the first to find something that will be life-saving? But there was also a twinge of sadness with the realization that you can spend a career on research that the world will never hear about. I’m exhilarated to write for STAT this summer, and to explore my and the world’s curiosities!


Edward Chen stands in front of a blurred background, with tall buildings in the distance.
Photo credit: Alex Albanese

Harvard University

Fellowship Sponsor: Association of American Medical Colleges

Fellowship Host: STAT