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Elissa Welle


As a recent graduate from the University of Michigan biomedical engienering PhD program, I took an unusual pivot. Instead of pursuing a postdoc, I showed up at the info session for the on-campus student newspaper, The Michigan Daily. I fell in love with journalism from the get-go. Within weeks at The Daily, I was an administration beat reporter and working on an investigative piece. Journaliam and it's quest for truth and truthtelling became my mission and I took my next step at the Detroit Free Press as a breaking news reporter. After months covering the latest from the streets of Detroit, I am eager to return to my first love, science, as a reporter and Mass Media Fellow at STAT News.


Headshot of Elissa Welle, smiling at the camera in a backyard.

University of Michigan

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: STAT