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Haley Dunleavy


I recently received a PhD in Biology from Northern Arizona University, studying the responses of tundra plants and their fungal partners—known as mycorrhizas—to a warming Arctic. Simultaneous with my PhD, I earned a graduate certificate in Science Communication through NAU, served as an Outreach Fellow with the McAllister Program for Community, Culture, and the Environment, and shared my and others’ research stories as a graduate student science writer for the U.S. Long-term Ecological Research Network. When not staring into soil for science, I’m usually staring into soil for fun—gardening, foraging mushrooms, picking berries, or diving into ecology themed science art. Whether by foot, kayak, or skis, I love exploring my beautiful home of Alaska. I am so excited to begin this next journey into science journalism as a Mass Media Fellow and could not be more thankful to AAAS for their support and to the Ralph W. F. Hardy Endowment for their sponsorship!


Haley Dunleavy holds lobster mushrooms in a field.

Northern Arizona University

Fellowship Sponsor: Ralph W.F. Hardy Endowment

Fellowship Host: InsideClimate News