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Jaime Chambers


I’m an Anthropology PhD student studying human-dog interactions at Washington State University, with bachelor's degrees in English and Art History. I took the scenic route to grad school -- teaching in the Peace Corps in Malawi, advising international students in Iowa. That same exploratory spirit also drew me to science writing and this fellowship. Over the past two years, I’ve written for Science, Massive Science, and Ask Dr. Universe (a science Q&A column for kids), on topics ranging from ancient horse DNA to the origins of the word “bear." I’m thrilled to keep chasing curiosities with Science News this summer, building momentum toward a science writing career. In the meantime, there’s nothing I love more than walking in a field at golden hour, wondering what kind of bird that is.


Jaime Chambers is leaning slightly forward in front of a blurred background of greenery. She has long earrings, shoulder-length brown hair, and has a wide smile. She's wearing a black top.

Washington State University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: Science News