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Jason Dinh


I graduated from Duke University with a BS in Biology in 2018. As a proud Cameron Crazie, I was jazzed to remain at Duke for my PhD in Biology, where I currently study the evolution of animal weapons, contests, and communication. 

My favorite part of science has been sharing the joy of discovery with others, whether that has been through teaching, writing, or outreach. In graduate school, I engaged with science communication by designing research-based undergraduate classes, leading an organization that helps scientists design and disseminate K-12 lesson plans (the Scientific Researcher and Educator Network), and writing for an online resource that helps lawmakers and regulators better understand the science and societal impacts of sound in the sea (Discovery of Sound in the Sea). I’m particularly interested in science journalism because it connects science with its stakeholders and can amplify voices that have been historically marginalized in academia. I’m stoked to develop my journalism skills at Discover this summer!

Outside of work, you can find me experimenting in the kitchen, running long distances at a sluggish pace, or binging the latest viral TV show.



Young man in a blue button-up shirt stands in front of a blurred background of trees and greenery.
Photo credit: Allie Mullin Photography

Duke University

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