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Karen Kwon


Originally from Seoul, South Korea, I recently earned my Ph.D. in chemistry at Columbia University, where I studied conjugated polymers using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. As a Korean woman scientist living in the U.S., I am passionate about gender equity in science; I've been a communications coordinator for 500 Women Scientists NYC Pod, and was selected as a Wikipedia Fellow in the Women in Science cohort in 2018. I also published pieces about my experience as an international student in various outlets such as Graduate & Postdoctoral Chemist (published by the American Chemical Society) and Sister. Using my research background, I have also been writing about polymer physics for Softbites. As I am determined to make the transition from research science to science journalism, I am thrilled to take my first step at Scientific American this summer. Follow my journey on my website!


Karen Kwon leans against a railing in a park.

Columbia University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Chemical Society

Fellowship Host: Scientific American