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Katherine Dynarski


I am an ecosystem scientist who studies the chemical relationships between plants, soils, and soil microbes – invisible connections which affect everything from water pollution to climate change. My research offers me a unique window into nature’s inner workings, and my goal as an educator and a communicator is to share that vantage point with a wide variety of people – I’ve volunteered as an ecological educator with a number of local organizations, worked as a science writer for a soil health start-up company, and co-led the development of Girls’ Outdoor Adventure in Leadership and Science, a program at UC Davis that builds capacity for gender-diverse youth to grow their identities as leaders and scientists through wilderness-based experiential learning. I’m thrilled to have been selected as a Mass Media Fellow and look forward to developing my chops as a science journalist this summer! As a longtime enthusiast of the soil nitrogen cycle, it’s particularly special to have my fellowship supported by funds honoring the memory of Ralph W. F. Hardy, whose pioneering work has been foundational to my research. 


Katy Dynarski looks over her shoulder toward the camera in front of a backdrop of plants.

University of California, Davis

Fellowship Sponsor: Ralph W.F. Hardy Endowment

Fellowship Host: The Wichita Eagle