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Krishna Sharma


I am a recent MS graduate from the University of Georgia, where I studied coastal butterfly migration. Ecology and conservation biology have long been my scientific passions, and I have been fortunate to apply that knowledge as an ecologist in Wyoming, with the National Park Service in Arizona, as a climate change researcher for NASA DEVELOP, and as an after-school science teacher in Boston. 

I am also a passionate photographer and writer, and have published a handful of poems and photos in creative outlets. 

In recent years I have realized the power in storytelling to give a voice to those who need it, and reach an audience that can sway the systems at work around us. I have also had transformative experiences applying this by writing a newspaper article about the George Floyd protests in 2020, and a magazine article about environmental racism in rural Georgia in 2021. Science communication is an intersection of my passions that I will continue to pursue as a labor of love and can hopefully use to improve the mindsets and operations of our society today.


Krishna Sharma is sitting on a bench with a tree behind him. His arm is up on the back of the bench and he is smiling at the camera while wearing a white shirt and a grey denim jacket.

University of Georgia

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: The Miami Herald