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Lorena Villanueva Almanza


Having fallen in love with the Baja California peninsula, I did my research on desert oases for my PhD at UC Riverside. Besides working on my project, I also participated in science outreach events, wrote for the California Botanical Society’s newsletter, and started a science communication group at UCR. After I finished my PhD, I became the Outreach Coordinator of the California Botanical Society hoping to get other students excited about writing about plants. Soon after I got to DC, I became an intern at the Education Department of the Smithsonian’s National Zoo to learn about informal education and animals. But I did not want to stay too far from plants, so I started volunteering at the US Botanical Garden running discovery carts. As a Mexican scientist, I feel very responsible for making science accessible to the Hispanic community in the US and Mexico which is why I try to translate science resources into Spanish in all my roles. In my spare time, I enjoy running in Rock Creek Park and keeping up with news from Mexico. I am very excited to be joining the Indianapolis Star team this summer as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow.


Lorena Villanueva Almanza looks at the camera in front of a gray backdrop.

University of California Riverside

Fellowship Sponsor: American Society of Plant Biologists

Fellowship Host: The Indianapolis Star