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Lucy Tu


I am an undergraduate student at Harvard University studying Sociology and Neuroscience. As a health and science writer, I strive to make science tangible, real, and apparent. Above all, I value desterilizing science through emotion-driven narratives (in other words, how can we make bench science more personal? What's the bigger picture?). My writing focuses on mental health services, medical technology, and the interactions between science and the law. I have previously written for The Guardian, Smithsonian Magazine, Discover Magazine, and Harvard Public Health, among other outlets.

As a student, I am also passionate about increasing the public engagement of science through various mediums. When a Boston school district eliminated science from its elementary core curriculum, I organized a team of undergraduates to showcase physics, biology, and chemistry demos for five K-5 schools (think elephant toothpaste, homemade lava lamps, and making ice cream in a Ziploc bag). I also lead weekly science and English lessons for Boston Refugee Youth Enrichment, a Harvard afterschool program that serves elementary refugee students from Haiti, Somalia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

This summer, I'm thrilled to continue exploring the world of scientific gobbledygook as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Scientific American, and I'm grateful to ASA for sponsoring this incredible opportunity.


Lucy Tu smiling in a white, short-sleeve dress, sitting in front of a river and orange and green trees.
Photo Credit: Maya Pena-Lobel

Harvard University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Statistical Association

Fellowship Host: Scientific American