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Luyi Cheng


I’m currently a PhD student in molecular biology at Northwestern University where I study how RNA is created and folded inside of cells — a process that’s essential to all life. After doing research in the lab, I became interested in the impacts of science communication outside of the lab, ranging from making science more accessible to influencing policies and informing decision making. I’ve pursued these interests as a social media contributor for the Biophysical Journal, editor for the Journal of Science Policy and Governance, and freelance writer. I also serve as a policy intern for the Office of Sustainability of Evanston, IL, where I work on developing zero waste policies and analyzing data on greenhouse gas emissions. Although I’m a biologist, I enjoy writing about all things science and am excited to cover science for Voice of America in Washington D.C. this summer.


Luyi Cheng smiles at the camera with short black hair, a dark turtleneck sweater and hoop earrings. She's in front of a blue-gray background.

Northwestern University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: Voice of America