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Maggie Chen


I am a recent graduate of Harvard College and an incoming master’s student at Imperial College London under the Marshall Scholarship. My research background is in biomaterials, nanoengineering, stem cell biology, and rare genetic diseases. As a science journalist, I have primarily covered the biotechnology sector, bioengineering research, and the histories of women and other marginalized communities in science. My work appears in the New York Times, Lady Science, Massive Science, BioSpace, Drug Discovery News, and other outlets. As a research scientist, children’s book author, and writer, I aim to increase scientific accessibility and understanding. I also hope to showcase the human narratives driving major scientific discoveries for all to enjoy. I am so excited to have the privilege to write for WIRED this summer! 


A headshot of Maggie Chen in front of a sunset.
Photo credit: Lucy Chen

Harvard College

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: WIRED