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Mary Magnuson


I'm an MS student in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Environment and Resources program, where I study social science aspects of urban coyote coexistence. Broadly, I'm interested in how people interpret and interact with wildlife, and what we can do to build positive relationships with the species we share landscapes with. I did my undergraduate degree at UW-Madison as well, a BS in Conservation Biology and Life Sciences Communciation, where I spent my time doing evolutionary biology research and editing The Badger Herald, UW's independent student newspaper. While journalism may have started as a side hobby for me when I joined The Herald as a reporter freshman year, it quickly turned into a passion, and I started writing for UW's research communications office, editing for UW's undergraduate science journal and writing for the UW School of Pharmacy's alumni magazine. I also got involved with the publication Planet Forward out of George Washington University and I worked with EARTHDAY.ORG for a semester. The summer after my senior year I interned for Fermilab, where I wrote for their news site as well as Symmetry magazine. 
In my free time, I enjoy reading and creative writing, as well as spending time outside hiking, hammocking and kayaking. I'm extremely excited to spend the summer as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow with The Conversation U.S.


Mary Magnuson, a woman with short blonde hair and wearing a striped shirt, looks into the camera
Photo credit: Mary Magnuson

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fellowship Sponsor: University of Wisconsin

Fellowship Host: The Conversation U.S.