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Maxine Elena Calle


Hello! I’m a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania studying mathematics, and my research is in algebraic topology. This area of math is all about studying how abstract shapes can be stretched, squished, glued together, decomposed, and otherwise deformed. I spend lots of time making little doodles, scribbling them out, and then putting them back again. 

I discovered my unexpected love of abstract mathematics while I was an undergraduate at Reed College, and I quickly came to appreciate the value of good, thoughtful mathematical communication. I believe that mathematical literacy, and scientific literacy more generally, should never be a barrier to opportunity. My goal as a science communicator is to create an environment where science can be accessible and enjoyable for everyone. 

I’m delighted to be working with The Conversation this summer to help bridge the gap between academics and the public, and I’m very grateful to the AAAS and the AMS for providing me with this unique opportunity to enter into the world of science communication.



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Photo Credit: Nina Johnson

University of Pennsylvania

Fellowship Sponsor: American Mathematical Society

Fellowship Host: The Conversation U.S.