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Niba Audrey Nirmal


I am a multimedia science communicator based in based in Ramaytush Ohlone land (San Francisco, CA). I create scientific content through articles, photos, social media. and primarily through science video hosting. I’ve received a science filmmaking fellowship from Jackson Wild and created videos for places like Stanford and Seeker. As a visible and invisible minority, I strive to be inclusive of all minority statuses.

As a model turned scientist turned content creator, I explore the science in cosmetics, fashion, and skincare through YouTube and Instagram as @NotesByNiba. One of my favourite videos blends my Indian heritage, plants, and the science of henna body art. 

In college at UC Davis, I investigated the effects of climate change on crops and studied diversity studies. My graduate work at Duke researched the genetics, form, and function of plant roots.

In my free time I enjoy petting cats (whether they belong to me or not), weird chip flavors, comics, and adding to my plant collection.