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Nick Young


I’m a PhD candidate in physics education research and computational mathematics, science, and engineering at Michigan State University. My research focuses on understanding the graduate school admissions process in physics and proposing ideas departments can implement to make the process more equitable. Outside of the lab, I am the founder of PERbites, a platform for sharing short summaries of recent Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM) education research with students, educators, and research – we recently celebrated our 3-year anniversary! In my free time, I enjoy visiting the various state parks around Michigan and building the latest NASA themed Lego Set. I’m excited to have the opportunity to write for the Wichita Eagle this summer as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow!



Nick Young leans against a tree trunk in a field. He is crossing his arms and smiling at the camera wearing a blazer and glasses.

Michigan State University

Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation

Fellowship Host: The Wichita Eagle