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Rachel Hager


I am a Masters student in Ecology at Utah State University, where I study how we can improve wetland restoration outcomes using diverse native plants. About two years ago I realized my favorite part of research was talking to non-academics about wetlands and learning from them about how they value these ecosystems. This realization led me to pursue science communication and work as a science reporter for Utah Public Radio. I am passionate about connecting with people about science and nature. When I am not tromping around muddy wetlands, I can be found rafting rivers, gardening, or enjoying the latest brunch spot. I am thrilled to be placed as a fellow with The Idaho Statesman in Boise and am excited to adventure in The Gem State this summer!



Rachel Hager in front of a tree
Rachel Hager

Utah State University

Fellowship Sponsor: Heising-Simons Foundation

Fellowship Host: The Idaho Statesman