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Sarah White


Currently, I am a Learning Sciences PhD candidate at Northwestern University. I specifically research math teachers' curriculum planning with online resources but have always had an interest in teaching and learning at the physiological, psychological and policy levels. Previously, I have studied how analogies and patterns are useful for learning in STEM and how young children learn languages. Before realizing my passion for science communication, I did research and design work for PreK-12 educational technology companies. I plan to bring my knowledge and passion of teaching and learning to broader audiences as a fellow at Discover in Wisconsin. When I'm not analyzing videos of teachers, you can usually find me playing board games, scoping out the local performing arts scene, or visiting a Disney theme park to get content for my science outreach platform, The PhD Princess.


Headshot of Sarah White in front of a wall
Sarah White

Northwestern University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: Discover Magazine