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Sasha Warren


I am a Geophysical Sciences PhD candidate at the University of Chicago. From the comfort of my desk, I use my background in geology, high-resolution spacecraft images, and numerical models to unpick how Mars and Venus' atmospheres and climates have evolved over geologic time. When I am not pondering the power of volcanoes, or fretting about the loss of planetary atmospheres to space, I hike, bike, and write about recent planetary science papers for the astronomy blog Astrobites. I have also had the opportunity to write science explainers for the Communications Office at the University of Chicago about the Hubble constant and the formation of the Earth and Moon. I am so excited to continue my journey into science writing as an AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Scientific American this summer and grateful to AGU for sponsoring this incredible opportunity. 


Headshot of a young non-binary person, smiling, in a yellow blazer and white blouse.

University of Chicago

Fellowship Sponsor: American Geophysical Union

Fellowship Host: Scientific American