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Shelby Bradford


As a freshly minted PhD, I'm looking forward to bring science to the public this summer as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow. My interest in public science communication came from unlikely sources-the discovery the whole side of science YouTube. Realizing the multitude of ways to communicate science to the public, I dove into exploring the field, participating in ASBMB's "Art of Science Communication" course and UNL's No Coast Science Communication Conference, writing for Massive Science Consortium, and finally starting some of my own efforts on Instagram and YouTube. I also branched out into more science outreach, volunteering with a WV-wide program, Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT), to bring unique and hands-on science lessons to students and with Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh to engage a wide audience range with science.

While my PhD research was centered on immunology and vaccines, I'm excited to stretch my wings so to speak and report on completely new topics in environment and energy this summer with StateImpact Pennsylvania. I hope to bring interesting perspectives and ideas to the newsroom in my time there, and I know I'll learn so much in such a short amount of time to take with me on the next adventure. Aside from the science stuff, I enjoy watching superhero and fantasy series on Netflix, visiting state parks and museums, attending concerts, and reading fantasy novels (and the occasional pop science book).


A woman stands holding a printed document showing the title page of her dissertation to the camera. She's standing in front of a lab bench, with a biosafety cabinet and bench of lab equipment and reagents behind her. She has dyed red-violet hair and is smiling widely.

West Virginia University

Fellowship Sponsor: Association of American Medical Colleges

Fellowship Host: StateImpact Pennsylvania