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Skyler Ware


I’m a graduate student at Caltech working towards a PhD in chemistry. My research focuses on developing new kinds of batteries and on using electricity to make chemical reactions more environmentally friendly.

I first ventured into science communication through the STEM Ambassador Program, an outreach initiative that brings science to unconventional venues. For my capstone project, I designed a Dungeons & Dragons adventure to teach folks how batteries work—and I’ve been hooked on storytelling ever since. I’m currently the managing editor and a contributing writer for Caltech Letters, a science communication web magazine published by Caltech researchers. I’ve also written for Chembites, attended and organized science communication workshops like ComSciCon and ComSciCon-SciWri, and co-facilitated a Storytelling for Scientists class at Caltech.

When I’m not working in the lab or writing about the latest research, you can find me reading, hiking, or playing tabletop RPGs. I’m so excited to share science stories and develop my journalism skills at Science News this summer!


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Photo Credit: Levi Palmer

California Institute of Technology

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