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Sophia Friesen


In my graduate work at UC Berkeley, I study how cells in a developing animal know when to grow and divide and when to stop. I’m fascinated by how communication between cells can produce complex, fully functioning organs, and over the course of my graduate career, I’ve become totally hooked on science communication as well! I love finding the most important nugget of information within a complex topic, talking to experts about the science they’re most excited about, and - most of all - trying to show people what I see when I learn about fascinating, impactful research.

I’ve written for the Berkeley Science Review, a grad student-produced science magazine, as well as for Massive Science and preLights. I’m omnivorously curious and enjoy covering everything from wildfire mitigation to pterosaur flight dynamics. In my free time, I love making art, playing games with friends, and wandering around in nature. I’m absolutely delighted to work with WUNC!


A person in a black blazer and blue top, standing in front of an orange tree and smiling.
Photo credit: Danielle Spitzer

University of California, Berkeley

Fellowship Sponsor: American Association for the Advancement of Science

Fellowship Host: WUNC