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Stephanie Hamilton


I am a newly-minted PhD in Physics from the University of Michigan. I spent my graduate career using the Dark Energy Survey to study...not dark energy. Instead, I used this massive dataset covering 1/8th of the sky to search for new objects orbiting our Sun out beyond Neptune and learn about the Solar System's formation and evolution. As a recovering academic, I'm now passionate about anything and everything science communication -- as an author for Astrobites, I write bite-sized posts about new astronomy results. I've also written for the Michigan Science Writers graduate student blog and guest-authored for the Planetary Society. Aside from doing science communication myself, I'm also passionate about empowering scientists to communicate their own work -- through the RELATE organization at UofM, I teach multi-week and one-time workshops on STEM communication skills. I have also helped organize the ComSciCon-Flagship and ComSciCon-Michigan workshops (science communication workshops for graduate students). When I'm not doing research or science communication, you can likely find me reading a science fiction book, playing tennis, or staring up at the night sky for hours on end.


Stephanie Hamilton outdoors with mountains in the background
Stephanie Hamilton

University of Michigan

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