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Tamar Lichter Blanks


I am a PhD candidate in mathematics at Rutgers University. My research is in abstract algebra, which is a branch of mathematics that is about understanding symmetry and structure. I first became involved in science communication as an undergraduate student at CUNY Queens College, where I wrote a "Math in Plain English" column for a school publication called QC Voices. I am passionate about sharing the conceptual side of math - which is really a jumble of puzzles, patterns, and logical thinking - and about helping people feel welcome in math and science in general. I am thrilled to be at The Conversation this summer as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow!


Tamar Lichter Blanks wears a green shirt with elbow-length sleeves. She's wearing hoop earrings and a grey hat. Her long hair is in front of her shoulders and she's standing in front of a tree.

Rutgers University

Fellowship Sponsor: American Mathematical Society

Fellowship Host: The Conversation