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2015 MMF-MSWI Program Resources

Introductory Materials


General Orientation Materials
Orientation PowerPoint Presentations
2) "Infographics as a SciComm Tool" by Ilissa Ocko
3) "Interviewing Techniques" by Liz Pennisi
4) "Using EurekAlert!" by Jennifer Holshue
5) "Writing Workshops 1&2" by David Grimm 
Helpful Files from Presenters
You will also find 5 other helpful files from presenters:
1) "Podcast Technical Tips" from Steve Mirsky
2) "Media Links" from Carla Schaffer
3) "MMFTwitter" from Meghna Sachdev
4) "Writing for the Ear" by Donna Francavilla
5) Notes on "Writing for the Ear" from Bob Hirshon
6) Notes on Ethics from Dione Rossiter


Financial Materials
Random Files