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2016 Mass Media Fellows

AAAS congratulates the 42nd class of AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows!

Harvard University, Human Evolutionary Biology & Anthropology
Assignment: Discover Magazine
Sponsor: AAAS
University of Virginia, Biology
Assignment: National Public Radio
Wesleyan University, Physics
Assignment: WIRED
Syracuse University, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Assignment: The Los Angeles Times
Sponsor: IEEE-USA
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Evolutionary Ecology
Assignment: The Philadelphia Inquirer
University of Ottawa, Earth Sciences & Geosciences
Assignment: The Raleigh News & Observer
Kelsey Houston-Edwards
Cornell University, Mathematics
Assignment: NOVA
New York University, Mathematics
Assignment: National Public Radio 
University of Michigan, Chemical Engineering
Assignment: The Sacramento Bee
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Assignment: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
University of Pennsylvania, Microbial Ecology
Assignment: KQED Science 
Sponsor: AAAS
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Physics and Astronomy
Assignment: Voice of America
Auburn University, Veterinary Medicine
Assignment: Slate
Sponsor: Jonathan Madara, Penn Vet Student Inspiration Awardee
University of California Riverside, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Assignment: Univision
Colorado State University, Ecology
Assignment: National Geographic
University of Rochester, Biophysics, Computational and Structural Biology
Assignment: Scientific American
Sponsor: American Physical Society
University of California Berkeley, Neuroscience
Assignment: STAT

2016 AAAS Pitts Family Minority Science Writer Internship Program

We also extend our congratulations to the winners of the 2016 AAAS Minority Science Writer Internship Program:
Dianne Lugo
Beloit College, Molecular, Cellular and Inegrative Biology, Journalism
Assignment: Science magazine
Devi Shastri
Marquette University, Biomedical Sciences, Journalism
Assignment: Science magazine
Maya Smith
University of Memphis, Journalisim
Assignment: Science magazine
We also would like to thank the internship's sole sponsor the Pitts Family Foundation.