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Mass Media Fellows Program in the News

5/2023: How the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship Helped Dr. Vanessa Vieites Become a Science Writer

4/2023: AAAS Announces 2023 Mass Media Fellows

4/2022: 2022 AAAS Mass Media Fellows Bring Science, Their Identities and Their Experiences to Newsrooms Around the Country

2/2022: New Mentorship Program Extends the Benefits of the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship

9/2021: Mass Media Fellows Look Back on Summer in Journalism

8/2021: "Your Peers Really Celebrate Your Successes, Even if They Just Met You!"

8/2021: "I Seem To Keep Falling Into Journalism Full of Controversy... But I Love It!"

7/2021: "If You Are Here, You Are Good Enough."

7/2021: "When Will I Ever Feel Like I Rightfully Belong?"

6/2021: Mass Media Fellows Reflect on Paths to Science Communication

6/2021: “Wow, Getting Paid To Learn How To Write About Science. A Dream Come True!”

6/2021: Mass Media Fellowship Highlights the Need for Science Communicators

6/2021: Scientists Sharpen Journalism Skills in Newsrooms During Summer Fellowship

6/2021: Student view: ‘Not a writer’

5/2021: AAAS Makes Science Relatable

4/2021: Mass Media Fellows Bridge Science and Journalism to Share Science Stories Across the Nation

6/2020: Aspiring Science Journalists Begin Fellowships During ‘Pivot Points in History’

1/2020: My Summer as a Science Journalist

12/2019: Thinking of applying for the AAAS Mass Media Fellowship? Get inside tips from former fellows

9/2019: AAAS programs train new generation of science journalists

12/2018: Making an Impact: Transitioning from Math PhD to Journalist

10/2016: Want to Be a Science Journalist Next Summer?

10/2016: Spend the Summer as a Science Writer for Slate

8/2015: AAAS Mass Media Fellows Embed in Newsrooms, Return as Science Communicators

2/2015: Science communication: a career where PhDs can make a difference

1/2015: My Summer at WIRED Magazine

8/2014: 2014 AAAS Mass Media Fellows Expand Reach to Spanish-Language Newsrooms

6/2014: AAAS Program Celebrates 40 Years of Turning Scientists Into Savvy Storytellers

4/2014: 40th Class of Mass Media Fellows Heads for Science Newsrooms