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National Parks Science Challenge

WildSpot Augmented Reality app is created by AAAS, ILI, and Springtail Media. Photograph is a person's hand playing on a map app with an an iPhone.

About National Science Park Challenge 

This project will develop, test, and deploy a new model for sustainable, scalable engagement of traditionally underrepresented young adults in urban National Parks through digital, informal learning.


About WildSpot Augmented Reality 

This Augmented Reality game takes place on National Park lands, beginning with those in San Francisco (Golden Gate National Recreation Area) and Washington, DC (National Mall and Memorial Park/Anacostia Park), and eventually going nationwide. In this science fiction landscape, players encounter alien organisms and phenomena threatening to leak into our dimension from a neighboring one through areas called Venn Spaces. The Interdimensional Council (IDC), along with the National Science Foundation and other Earth-based organizations, needs your help monitoring this activity.

You’ll complete Quests within these Venn Spaces, while Vores (planet-destroying space tourists) try to stop you. In addition, you will join Wayside Quests to explore real-world areas of scientific interest at the Parks, and be invited to join related real-world citizen science projects available through SciStarter.

Have fun with a fictional game while being recommended real citizen science projects as you play!

Part of the WildSpot AR game is to study vores, like this one tentacled creature. (Photo from SciStarter)

Find the app in your Apple Store or Google Play Store


This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant No. DUE-1713319.