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Keeping an Eye on Science

Advocate for Science: Speak Up, Get Involved. | AAAS/Carla Schaffer

The incoming Trump administration and the new Congress will face a broad range of global issues, from climate change and securing our energy future to cyber-security to biomedical research to STEM education. The unifying theme of all of these issues—and many, many others—is science and technology.

While it’s not known what will happen when Donald Trump assumes the presidency next month, AAAS is vigilantly watching out for science. We are working hard to ensure science and scientific evidence are fully and positively integrated into public policymaking. We are committed to ensuring that the President-elect and other decision makers have the best science-based evidence to apply in all areas. Science must have its rightful place at the table.

One way we are keeping an eye on science is through our newly launched Election Transition website. We are providing regular updates on the President-elect’s transition and Cabinet appointments; curating white papers, official statements, and letters from the scientific community; and sharing resources for scientists and engineers who wish to communicate more effectively about their work and why it’s so important.

Philanthropic support at all levels gives AAAS the ability to run to the action when needed. With your help, we will be ready to respond to the new opportunities and the obstacles that will undoubtedly emerge in the next four years and beyond. Please support AAAS with a tax-deductible gift today