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Family Science Days

Young boy waving with prosthetic arm
AAAS Family Science Days

Children holding droppers
Attendees interact with a science display | Jordan Pickett

AAAS Family Science Days was a free public science event that offered an array of hands-on family and child-friendly activities. It was held during the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting, the largest general scientific conference in the world.

Family Science Days demonstrated the AAAS commitment to promoting public engagement with science, a central part of its mission to advance science and serve society. It provided an opportunity for local science organizations to gather and connect with their communities and gave the scientists attending the meeting a chance to see public engagement in action. The event was advertised to families via local media, schools, community organizations and participating institutions. 


Take a look at the 2020 AAAS Family Science Days stage show schedule and exhibitor list.


Woman with tower of fire in front of audience
Combustion! A stage show by Pacific Science Center | Jordan Pickett


About the Meet a Scientist program

As part of Family Science Days, the Meet a Scientist program consisted of short, lively presentations by scientists and engineers. Topics varied from why they chose a science career to the more fascinating, gross or inspiring aspects of their work. The program sought to exemplify diversity in science. After presenting briefly onstage and answering questions from audience members, speakers interacted with attendees one-on-one.



Neil Orman/AAAS