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Public Engagement Case Studies

In his case study, Luis Martinez talks about his experience writing a newspaper op ed. | AAAS

Scientists share their experience with public engagement activities, categorized by the four sections of the AAAS Theory of Change.

Policy Deliberation

Policy deliberation approaches provide opportunities for a variety of stakeholders to participate in a dialogue and exchange of views about science policy.

Public Dialogue

In public dialogue approaches, the goal is to promote dialogue as an end in itself, recognizing that informal discussions with the public can result in learning by both the public and experts.

Knowledge Co-Production

Knowledge co-production approaches sponsor “intentional collaborations in which members of the public engage in the process of research to generate new science-based  knowledge” (Shirk et al. 2012).

University-Led Cooperative Engagement

University-led cooperative engagement approaches emphasize trust building and social learning in collaboration with key stakeholder groups such as farmers, coastal land owners, minority groups, and industry members. These initiatives are typically led by universities and/or deploy university-based networks, resources, and infrastructures such as cooperative extension and Sea Grant programs, or faculty and outreach staff affiliated with specific university departments, colleges, and schools (Diehl et al., 2015).

Other Forms of Science Communication