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AAAS Report XXXIX: Research and Development FY 2015

Below you will find the complete contents of AAAS Report XXXIX: Research and Development FY 2015, the latest edition in a long-running annual series of reports reviewing R&D funding proposals in the President's budget. The report is a collective product of the Intersociety Working Group, composed of more than 30 leading science societies and other non-governmental organizations in the science and innovation policy space.

The report was released in April 2014. All individual chapters below are downloadable as PDFs. Printed copies can be ordered via the PayPal button below.

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Complete Table Set (link)
Front Matter, Table of Contents and Preface


Chapter 1: Federal R&D in the FY 2015 Budget: An Introduction
Matt Hourihan, AAAS

Chapter 2: Historical Trends in Federal R&D
Matt Hourihan, AAAS

Chapter 3: Political and Policy Context for the FY 2015 Budget
Joanne Padrón Carney, AAAS

Chapter 4: Education and Workforce Development in the FY 2015 Budget
Christine Grant, Yolanda L. Comedy, and Shirley M. Malcom, AAAS


Chapter 5: Department of Defense
Travis Doom, CSPO

Chapter 6: National Science Foundation
Amy Scott and Tobin Smith, AAU

Chapter 7: National Institutes of Health
Erin Heath, AAAS

Chapter 8: Department of Energy
Mark T. Elsesser and Michael S. Lubell, APS

Chapter 9: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Steve Howell, AIAA

Chapter 10: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Elizabeth Allred, Ian L. Maw, and Eddie G. Gouge, APLU

Chapter 11: Department of Homeland Security
Jodi Lieberman, APS

Chapter 12: Other Selected Agencies (Commerce, DOT, Interior, EPA, VA)
Kasey Shewey White, GSA; Sara Spizzirri, AAAS; and Heather Kelly, APA


Chapter 13: Physics
Christopher J. Mustain, COC; and Aline D. McNaull, AIP

Chapter 14: Astronomy and Astrophysics
Joshua H. Shiode and Joel R. Parriott, AAS

Chapter 15: Weather and Climate
Paul A.T. Higgins and Shalini Mohleji, AMS

Chapter 16: Geociences
Abigail Seadler and Maeve Boland, AGI

Chapter 17: Biological and Ecological Sciences
Terence Houston, ESA; and Julie Palakovich Carr, AIBS

Chapter 18: Chemical Sciences
Keri A. Moss, Caroline M. Trupp Gil, and Katherine P. Weber, ACS

Chapter 19: Social and Behavioral Science Research
Wendy Naus and Angela L. Sharpe, COSSA; Heather Kelly and Patricia Kobor, APA; and Gerald R. Sroufe and Christy Talbot, AERA

Chapter 20: Federal Statistics
Katherine R. Smith, COPAFS

Chapter 21: Mathematical Sciences
Samuel M. Rankin III, AMS

Chapter 22: Computing Research
Peter Harsha and Brian Mosley, CRA

Chapter 23: National Nanotechnology Investment
M.C. Roco, ASME

Chapter 24: Electrotechnology-Related Research
Chris J. Brantley and James Savage, IEEE-USA

Chapter 25: Mechanical Engineering
Dan Deckler, ASME

Chapter 26: Materials Science
Ronald L. Kelley, MRS

Chapter 27: Food, Nutrition, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences
Bethany Johns, ASA, CSSA, SSSA; Sarah Ohlhorst, ASN; Jianrong (Janet) Zhang, IFT; Lowell Randel, FASS; and Jim Gulliford, SWCS

Appendix 1: The Federal Budget Process 101
Appendix 2: Methodology and Data Sources
Appendix 3: Definitions
Appendix 4: AAAS Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy
Appendix 5: Intersociety Working Group Directory

The AAAS Board of Directors, in accordance with Association policy, has approved the publication of this work as a contribution to the understanding of an important area. Any interpretations and conclusions are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent views of the Board or the Council of the Association.

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