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Disciplinary Analyses

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Chapter 1: Federal R&D in the FY 2016 Budget: An Overview
Matt Hourihan and David Parkes, AAAS

Chapter 2: The R&D Budget in Historical Context
Matt Hourihan and David Parkes, AAAS

Chapter 3: Political and Policy Context for the FY 2016 Budget 
Joanne Padrón Carney, AAAS

Chapter 4: Education and Workforce Development in the Budget (Forthcoming)

See Also: Main Tables


Chapter 5: National Science Foundation
Amy Scott and Tobin Smith, AAU

Chapter 6: National Institutes of Health (Forthcoming)

Chapter 7: Department of Energy (Forthcoming)

Chapter 8: Department of Homeland Security (Forthcoming)

Chapter 9: Department of Agriculture (Forthcoming)

Chapter 10: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Forthcoming)

Chapter 11: Department of Defense (Forthcoming)

Chapter 12: Other Agencies (NIST, EPA, USGS, NOAA, USDOT, VA) (Forthcoming)


Chapter 13: Biological and Ecological Sciences
Julie Palakovich Carr, AIBS
Alison Mize, ESA

Chapter 14: Astronomy and Astrophysics (Forthcoming)

Chapter 15: Geosciences (Forthcoming)

Chapter 16: Mathematical Sciences (Forthcoming)

Chapter 17: Chemical Sciences (Forthcoming)

Chapter 18: Federal Statistics (Forthcoming)

Chapter 19: Mechanical Engineering (Forthcoming)

Chapter 20: Nanotechnology (Forthcoming)

Chapter 21: Physics (Forthcoming)

Chapter 22: Weather and Climate (Forthcoming)

Chapter 23: Social and Behavioral Sciences (Forthcoming)

Chapter 24: Electrotechnology-Related Research (Forthcoming)

Chapter 25: Food Safety, Security, and Nutrition (Forthcoming)

Chapter 26: Natural Resources and Renewable Energy (Forthcoming)

Chapter 27: Materials Science (Forthcoming)

Chapter 28: Computing Research (Forthcoming)


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