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The President's FY 2015 Budget Request

This page serves as a hub for links and coverage of the President's FY 2015 budget request as it relates to science and innovation funding. For prior years, go here.

AAAS Coverage
The President’s Opportunity, Growth, and Security Initiative: What’s In It? (April 9)
President's R&D Budget: Summary and Charts (March 19)
A First Look at the FY 15 Budget (March 4)
ScienceInsider: USDA Wants to Step Up Innovation Research (March 7)
ScienceInsider: Major U.S. Science Agencies Face Flat Prospects (March 4)

Agency Budget Briefing Schedule:

Recent Coverage
American Geosciences Institute: Tables for Interior, Energy, and CJS
American Society of Agronomy, Soil & Crop Science Societies of America: Statement on the FY15 Request (PDF) (March 4)
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: Budget Seeks Low Discretionary Spending, High Revenue (March 19)
Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: What's New in the President's Budget? (March 7)
Space Politics: Europa on five (hundred thousand) dollars a day (March 7)
American Institute of Biological Sciences: A Preliminary Look at the President's FY 2015 R&D Request (March 6)
IEEE Spectrum: NASA Holds on to ISS, Mars, Orion, and Europa in No-Growth $17.5B Budget (March 6)
American Psychological Association: Research funding in president’s budget — underwhelming (March 5)
Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics: Budget Implications for Statistical Agencies (PDF) (March 4)
US News & World Report: Obama Budget Turbocharges Energy Department, Poses ‘Challenges’ for EPA (March 4)
BusinessWeek: Republicans Rule Out Obama Spending Increases in Budget (March 5)
Chronicle of Higher Education: Federal Spending on Science, Already Down, Would Remain Tight (March 5)
Scientific American: Flat Budgets for NIH and NSF in Obama's 2015 Plan (March 5)
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Key Elements of the President’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget (March 5)
Wonkblog: Everything You Need to Know About the President's Budget (March 5)
Washington Post: House GOP budget to focus on reforming welfare, social programs (March 2)
Politico: Senate Democrats won't seek budget resolution (Feb. 28)

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