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Program Evaluation and Assessment

The Research Competitiveness Program assists countries, states, agencies, universities, foundations, and others in the strategic planning, management, and evaluation of programmatic activities in order to help them improve their research competitiveness and capacity. We design program evaluation frameworks (logic models) and lead expert panel assessments providing concrete, actionable recommendations.

Our work in this category includes our longstanding involvement with the EPSCoR and INBRE communities, where we have provided external review and guidance of programmatic activities in over 20 states since 1996. This work usually entails a visit to the institutions by a panel composed of experts from top research institutions around the country, who meet with all relevant stakeholders and, after the visit, the generation of a report delivered to the client.

RCP develops analyses that capture the outputs, outcomes, and impacts of science and technology (S&T) research programs and activities; identify existing and future opportunities; and recommend specific, actionable steps for improvement. By combining stakeholder interviews, surveys, site visits, and quantitative methods, such analyses assist program managers in understanding the broad return on their investments, identifying gaps in their portfolios, and strategically planning for the future.

Some of RCP's Recent Activities in Program Assessment: