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Area of Work V: Education and Information Resources

The Education and Information Resources working group aims to identify, compile and develop resources and create opportunities for exchange in order to establish a stronger foundation for productive, collaborative human rights efforts; contributes to the professional development of science, engineering and health teachers and human rights educators.


Current Projects

Professional development of science teachers/preparation of teaching modules
Prepare teaching modules on human rights generally and discipline-specific ways in which science and engineering have contributed to or led to violations of human rights.

Preparation of other educational resources
Review and update the Annotated Bibliographic Database on Science and Human Rights.

Past Projects

Syllabi on Science and Human Rights
A list of syllabi for courses and teaching modules on science and human rights.

Science and Human Rights: A Select Annotated Bibliography
A bibliography illustrating the breadth of research in science and human rights across various scientific disciplines.

Partnerships: Scientists Working With Human Rights Organizations
Examples of collaborations between scientists from a variety of disciplines and human rights practitioners.