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Science in the Classroom

Science in the Classroom (SitC) is a collection of freely available annotated research papers, primarily from the Science family of journals.

Beth Ruedi/AAAS


STEM education is changing. Education standards and frameworks are moving away from memorizing scientific content and toward engaging students with the nature practices of science. Primary literature can be powerful tool for teaching with emphasis on real science.


Science in the Classroom (SitC) is a collection of freely available annotated research papers from the Science family of journals. SitC aims to help educators, undergraduates, and advanced high school students understand the research contained in scientific primary literature by using annotations and providing accompanying teaching materials. Annotations include vocabulary, methods, descriptions of prior research, and explanations of major conclusions. Each paper has an educator's guide outlining connections to science competencies within STEM learning frameworks and standards. Educator guides also provide suggested activities, discussion questions, and resources for further exploration of the subject.

SitC is a project of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) STEM Education Program. Annotations and teaching materials are written by volunteer contributors, and vetted by authors and the SitC team.


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Science in the Classroom Prepares Instructors to Teach New Research