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Become a Fellow: Stipend and Support

As a public service and professional development opportunity, a Science & Technology Policy Fellowship (STPF) is not an offer of employment. Stipend and support ensure an optimal learning experience.

Alumnus fellow Alex Moseson holding a sign

Alumnus fellow Alex Moseson 


Stipends range approximately $94,000-122,000 per year (starting with the class of 2023-24), depending on a combination of factors including type of fellowship, fellowship sponsor (AAAS, partner society, or agency), and/or number of years of post-doctoral professional experience.

Professional Training & Travel

Fellows whose stipends are administered by AAAS receive a travel/professional training allowance starting between $3-6,000. The funds may be used only for fellowship-related travel and for professional training (e.g., attending scientific conferences that pertain to the fellowship). All travel and training must be pre-approved by the host office and AAAS. 

Fellows who are hired and paid directly by host offices engage in travel and training as provided by their office/agency.

Professional Development Program

The professional development (PD) program is an integral part of the fellowship experience and includes a two-week orientation, monthly workshops and trainings, a career summit, special interest affinity group events, and a year-end summit.

The PD curriculum is designed around learning goals and objectives developed specifically for the S&T Policy Fellowships. The learning goals and objectives support each fellow's development as a science policy leader, and encompass four areas of learning: Policy and the Federal Government; Leadership; Communication; and, Networking and Career Strategies.

Health Insurance 

Health insurance is mandatory for all program participants.

Fellows hired by AAAS Fellowship Programs, Inc. (AFPI) are provided company-sponsored health insurance coverage: medical, dental, vision, and prescriptions. This may not be applicable to some fellows sponsored by partner societies. Exceptions include fellows hired and paid directly by an agency: they receive health coverage via the agency under temporary employee status.

Coverage levels for eligible fellows:

  • Individual: Fellow.
  • Individual & Child: Fellow and one child.
  • Individual & Children: Fellow and multiple children.
  • Family. 


First-year fellows who are hired by AAAS Fellowship Programs, Inc. (AFPI) are provided up to $4,000 for relocation expenses that are incurred moving from outside the greater Washington, D.C. area (see IRS Instructions for Form 3903 for details). Relocation is subject to all state and local taxes.

First-year fellows who are hired and paid directly by their host office are not eligible for reimbursement for moving expenses, as stipulated by federal policy.