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Darshan Karwat
2013-15 Executive Branch Fellow at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Ph.D., Aerospace engineering



As an engineer, Darshan knows systems thinking. As a fellow at EPA, he found “the opportunity to apply systems thinking to large-scale and impactful policy choices – choices that are many times rooted in data and analysis.” 

The ability to apply existing knowledge in novel ways while at the same time gaining new perspectives and knowledge is something Darshan truly enjoyed. 

Darshan collaborated with people at EPA who shared his passion for environmental protection, renewable energy, and open innovation. “There is so much good that engineers, scientists, social scientists, doctors, and veterinarians who are willing to change the status quo can do.”

Today, he is technical lead on the Wave Energy Prize at the Department of Energy, seeking to double the state-of-the-art performance of wave energy converters. “The fellowship allowed me to form meaningful personal and professional relationships with people working in all spheres – people who I intend on collaborating with far into the future.”

“Sometimes you have to take a plunge.”