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Host an S&T Policy Fellow

Why host a fellow?

Since 1973, the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowships program (STPF) has collaborated with a broad range of federal agencies and congressional offices to bring highly skilled scientists and engineers to Washington. As of 2014, fellows are also placed in the judicial branch.

Bring additional scientific expertise to policymaking. Representing a full spectrum of science and engineering backgrounds and career stages, fellows contribute their knowledge and analytical skills to the activities of host offices.

Boost efficiency. Fellows assist in a wide range of tasks. A small sample of their activity includes support for: organizing high-level, international meetings; producing videos and other communications; meeting with constituents and special interest groups; writing issue and policy briefs; and, drafting and negotiating legislation.

Help build a strong science and technology enterprise for the nation. Fellows are a constantly growing corps of science and technology leaders who take their knowledge of federal policymaking to government, nonprofits, industry, and academia to serve the nation and citizens around the world.

Fellows in legislative branch host offices are fully funded by national scientific and engineering partner societies. Fellows in the executive branch are found across an extensive range of federal agencies. Fellows in the judicial branch are found at the Federal Judicial Center.

About the program

For more than 40 years, the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) have provided opportunities to outstanding scientists and engineers from a broad range of disciplines and career stages to learn first-hand about policymaking while contributing their knowledge and analytical skills to the federal realm. The experience has a profound effect on fellows’ lives. Today more than 3,000 strong, STPF produces a growing corps of policy-savvy leaders working across academia, government, nonprofits, and industry to serve the nation and citizens around the world.

Fellows serve in yearlong assignments in program areas that span across all branches of federal government. Fellowships start in September and are located in Washington, D.C. Congressional fellowships are funded by approximately 30 partner scientific and engineering societies. Executive and judicial branch fellowships are funded by the hosting offices.

AAAS manages and administers the Science & Technology Policy Fellowships program. Management activities include: recruiting prospective fellows, host offices, and sponsoring societies; an intensive, two-week orientation on federal government operations; managing the selection and placement processes; and running a yearlong professional development and networking program.