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Judicial Branch Fellowship

In this age of science, we must build legal foundations that are sound in science as well as in law. Scientists have offered their help. We in the legal community should accept that offer. We are in the process of doing so. 
~ Justice Stephen Breyer

Have you ever wondered how federal judges reach decisions in cases that raise complex questions of science and engineering?

Have you dreamed of having a year to help federal courts better understand and appreciate the intersection of law with science and engineering?

Apply to become the next judicial branch fellow with the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowships (STPF) program. Have a seat at the table in the Federal Judicial Center. The Federal Judicial Center is an independent government agency that conducts research and evaluation on policy issues facing the federal judiciary, and designs and conducts education and training for federal judges and court employees.

Learn first-hand how the federal courts function. This fellowship allows an accomplished scientist or engineer to contribute their scientific and technical expertise to federal judicial administration and case management. Policy issues run the gamut from the implications of artificial intelligence to the interplay of patent law and DNA.

Apply your scientific and technical expertise to help advance the work of the federal judiciary. Federal courts are increasingly faced with litigation that requires the expertise of scientists and engineers. One judicial branch fellowship is available each year.

While every fellowship experience varies, judicial branch fellows have served as resources to the research and education staff of the Federal Judicial Center. Duties can include:

  • Providing informed advice, analysis and recommendations on scientific matters.
  • Advising and assisting staff in formulating and developing policy-related options for the federal judiciary.
  • Conducting research and preparing reports on science, technology and law-related policy matters.
  • Synthesizing data from a wide variety of sources.
  • Presenting the results of research and analysis.
  • Preparing project reports, briefings, talking points and related correspondence.
  • Advising staff on science and technology-related data collection needs and requirements.

Program Manager

Program Manager Cynthia Bernardez


Cynthia Bernardez

Fellowship experiences can vary considerably between fellows and between fellowships in different branches of government. Read about one fellow's judicial branch experience below.

Fellow Stories

Judicial Branch Fellowships

Video Chat

Fellows talk about the Judicial
Branch Fellowship

Andrea Gaede

Andrea Gaede

2017-18 Judicial Branch Fellow

Mamadi Corra

Mamadi Corra

2018-19 Judicial Branch Fellow

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