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Staff of S&T Policy Fellowships

Part of the AAAS Office of Science, Policy and Society Programs (OSPSP), the Science & Technology Policy Fellowships (STPF) program fosters science and engineering leaders who understand government and policymaking. Staff operate in four functional areas -- Administration, Finance & Security, Programs, and Outreach, Engagement & Communications Systems. Together, we administer STPF fellowships in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of the U.S. Government.


Headshot of Angela Bafile

Angela Bafile

Grants & Financial Administrator

Headshot of Cody Bridges

Cody Bridges

Senior Grants Director

Headshot of Olga Francois

Olga Francois

Senior Project Director

woman and cherry blossoms

Kanan Patel

Senior Marketing Program Associate

Image of a man

Mehrab Sarwar

Recruitment Director

Headshot of Emily Schulte

Emily Schulte

Program Operations Manager

image of a woman's face

Karen M. Smith

Senior Financial Analyst

Photo of Katherine Yau

Katherine Yau

Interim Project Director, Communications

Dale's Headshot

Dale Youngkrantz

Senior Business Analyst

American Association for the Advancement of Science