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The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition is a network of scientific and engineering membership organizations that recognize a role for scientists and engineers in human rights. The Coalition currently has 22 member and 2 affiliated organizations.

The use of scientific methods and the innovative application of technology have contributed substantively to the promotion and protection of human rights. The needs of the human rights community, however, are immense. Both in terms of expertise and influence, scientists, engineers and health professionals have much to contribute to efforts to promote and protect human rights. Indeed, some individuals and professional societies have already made important contributions. However, much more can be achieved when the science, engineering and health communities embrace human rights as an area suitable for and deserving of robust inquiry, and become an influential voice in the defense of human rights. The Coalition was launched on January 14‐16, 2009 to broaden the engagement of scientific and engineering communities in human rights and to achieve more far‐reaching and sustainable contributions to human rights work.


The Science and Human Rights Coalition is a network of scientific associations, professional societies, academies, and other formal networks of scientists, engineers and health professionals. The Coalition is devoted to facilitating communication and partnerships on human rights within and across scientific communities, and between these and human rights communities. The Coalition strives to improve human rights practitioners’ access to scientific and technological information and knowledge and to engage scientists, engineers and health professionals in human rights issues, particularly those issues that involve scientists and engineers and the conduct of science. The Coalition’s work is grounded in the principles and laws set forth in the International Bill of Human Rights and all other relevant international human rights treaties and norms.