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In keeping with the AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition’s commitment to the principles of inclusivity, participation, decentralization, and transparency, it is structured as follows. Further information about the structure of the Coalition can be found in the Foundational Documents.


The Coalition is made up of all interested eligible scientific associations, professional societies, academies, and other formal networks of scientists, engineers and health professionals that recognize a role for science and technology, scientists and engineers in efforts to realize human rights.

Coalition Council

The Council is composed of member associations’ two official and active representatives. The Council is the Coalition’s highest policy-making and priority-setting body. It sets the direction of the Coalition, reviews recommendations from the Steering Committee and the Secretariat and considers new initiatives.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee ensures implementation of decisions taken by the Coalition Council; provides guidance to the project teams; and serves as the liaison between AAAS, the Coalition, scientific associations, and the human rights community. Current members of the Steering Committee are:

  • John Dale (Society for the Study of Social Problems)
  • Alison Dundes Renteln (Affiliated Individual, Member-at-Large)
  • Mary Gray (American Statistical Association)
  • Shelley Inglis (Affiliated Individual, Member-at-Large)
  • Ilya Kapovich (American Mathematical Society, Member-at-Large)
  • Kimberly Mealy (American Political Science Association, Council Representative)
  • Dorothy Phillips (American Chemical Society, Council Representative)
  • Tal Simmons (Affiliated Individual, Human Rights Representative)
  • Yvonne Vissing (Affiliated Individual, Human Rights Representative)
  • Theresa Harris (Coalition Coordinator; AAAS Center for Scientific Responsibility and Justice)


The AAAS Center for Scientific Responsibility and Justice serves as the Secretariat and supports the Coalition through the facilitation and coordination of its activities; organization of meetings; maintenance of a repository for Coalition documents and materials; facilitation of links with the human rights community; coordination of the listserv; recruitment of qualified interns; and fundraising.